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Greening the desert of Sahara

Over times, when lager part of the desert again will be green.
Will it accelerate to change the climate and also bring in more water from the Mediterranean sea together, from the North Atlantic Ocean.

Sahara Areal count 9.2 million km2, and the amount of yearly raining is limited to only 100 - 150 mm per year, dependable of actual locations. It do not come stable over the year, but is concentrate to some short rain period’s.

The effect of delivering great amount of freshwater to this array will not only be limited to the new farmland array, but give living conditions for plant and animal in at least twice as great array.

Pleas join us

To writ in this blog like anonym use: and password: 123456

Of course will we appreciate if you in the bottom of your article, writ Name, location, country and some contact informations.

Tanks in advance ;-)


Nonrevenue-earning Projects Posted on Fri, December 02, 2016 14:01:52

This type of project will
never be possibly, if all participant from the beginning shall
receive full salary, it’s way it is based at volunteers workers, also
the founder do work at this therms – bout external cost most be
covered. So the work in progress is very mush dependable at donations
from people/firms around the world to success.

The bonus in the project
is not only kept to a philanthropic level, but at in the final, do we
calculate a repayment at 5 billion USD payed out to the over 30.000
voluntary we calculate need to join, and work more or less active to
rich this great goal. The voluntary must count at a time frame at 10
– 12 years, before everything will be a reality, in between each
person their join, make a incredible change of living conditions for
more than 10.000 people.

In the preliminary stage
do we have a neat at more than 200 thousand people do some
networking, to share, and spread the information’s – this project do
matter for the hole word.

We will in the beginning
make the foundations, by using of the platform of KickStarter, and
her do we have to a level to rich, if we shall manged it from here do
they budget says 1+ 3 millions USD to get 95% changes to reach the
final goals, and this amount is only mentions to cover the basic
external cost.

In between, and under the
project will all implicated firms/government be recommended to self
ad some decent foundations to make things happened (10 – 50 cent
per employed or inhabitant, at minimum).

All Dissipated
involuntariness and financial supporter will be listed, at own pages –
we work at the moment at a new homepage, to streamline this process.
Like a bonus for all, will their at the surrounding walls around the
farms in the Sahara, and east Asia be decorated with supporters name
in the great Water For Life project.

News at homepage for the

The new Blog:

Face-book follower:


News broadcast:

Copy and past to friends
and family:

Want to make the
difference, to make the living better for 10+ thousands of people,
and give our earth children a fair change,
you cane join to make the difference, spread the word, and I wishes
hereby a verily good Christmas and a fruitfully New Year. Se you
later, receive hereby my warmest wishers. Pleas share this with the
people your love, and take care at.


Nonrevenue-earning Projects Posted on Fri, November 25, 2016 20:51:48

Look forward to see a
great movement at this page, but remember pleas keep a good tone,
unsuitably article will be moderated, and spam deleted.