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Greening the desert of Sahara

Over times, when lager part of the desert again will be green.
Will it accelerate to change the climate and also bring in more water from the Mediterranean sea together, from the North Atlantic Ocean.

Sahara Areal count 9.2 million km2, and the amount of yearly raining is limited to only 100 - 150 mm per year, dependable of actual locations. It do not come stable over the year, but is concentrate to some short rain period’s.

The effect of delivering great amount of freshwater to this array will not only be limited to the new farmland array, but give living conditions for plant and animal in at least twice as great array.

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Desert of Sahara, was early a green

Greening the desert Posted on Fri, December 02, 2016 11:27:01

Do you know, the desert
was early a green and god living place. So historical will it be
realistic to reestablish this great areal. By using of over 2000
years old knowledge, you will be able to read about it from the time
of Inca dynasties, now we call Aquaponic/Hydro-pond is a great
conservative system to reduce amount of water needed to produce food,
it possibly to reduce water demand, with over 80%, compared with
traditional growing.

This type of industrial
production, have in the last 50 years been fine tune – so now it is
possibly to establish and run soughs type of installations
profitable, and with 400 farms, each covering 10 square kilometer.
Will bee enough to support over 1,5 billiard people.

The farm I scheduled to
don’t cost more than 300,- USD/M2, and will give a
effective growing volume at 4 m3, with a daily food
production of 10 kg food (1 kg. Fish/9-10 kg vegetables), use 40
liter of water. At normal payback at investment over 10 years it will
cost leas than 1 cent in capital cost per kg, food produced. Final
total cost for production of food including, water, labor, investment
and logistic will be able to be kept below 20 US/Cent/kg of human
food. With a employee of 1 person to cover 180 M2 of
production areal/ 720 m3 production volume, whit a daily
maintaining of 1.8 tons of food per each employee person.

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Greening the desert Posted on Fri, November 25, 2016 20:50:32

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