is an environmental friendly and renewable energy source. 99% of all
power production in Norway comes from hydropower.

On a global basis
1/6 of the power produced comes from hydropower.

has more than a 100 years experience with hydropower, and is the
largest producer of electricity from hydro power in Europe. The
majority of the Statkraft Group’s energy production is generated
through hydropower.

takes place in 378 hydropower plants – 273 in Norway, 55
in Sweden, 10 in Germany, three in the United Kingdom, and 32
outside Europea. Statkraft is involved in other hydropower projects
in the Nordic region and Southeast Europe. We are developing new
production capacity in selected countries in South America and Asia.

Hydropower is
renewable, clean, reliable, flexible and produces cheap energy for
generation after generation.

additional 200 meter fall in the water stream, from freshwater their
ells went out in the ocean.

Will it be possibly to raise the nations
production of renewable energy between 10 – 15 %, dependable of

the freshwater going from the turbine, it will be physical possibly
to at least pipeline around 1.000 m3/sec to a project like
Greening the Desert.