The movement to bring
forward decent living conditions to over 10% of the world population,
demand a lot of effort – And it’s only possibly when many work
together – all efforts will at that way do a big difference, etc,
if you only have time to spend 15 minuets by posting to your friends –

will the statistical
showing up at lest one person/firm for itch 1.000 sharing, there is
able to spend at lest one hour per day, to make the foundations to
unit country’s and organization together with great firm world wide..

So when we want to make
the life more decent for 2 billiard people, do we need YOU, and
199.999 more people to do 10 – 15 minutes work with sharing. So your
time matters, with the knowledge about YOU WILL make the change for
10.000 people. Pleas share and being proud of your humanity.

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Copy and past to friends
and family:

Want to make the
difference, to make the living better for 10+ thousands of people,
and give our earth children a fair change,
you cane join to make the difference, spread the word, and I wishes
hereby a verily good Christmas and a fruitfully New Year. Se you
later, receive hereby my warmest wishers. Pleas share this with the
people your love, and take care at.