A public ownership, means
I our case, the project will be make on behave of humans neat,
controlled by the worlds united nations together. No single country,
ore firm will get the control. When it also will be a public
property, will it be maintain like a non-profit/revenue program.

It will say it only the
direct cost the final user must pay, it why we have calculated final
price to stay below 0,2 USD/cent for one liter of freshwater,
delivered in Spain, Macrocco, Algeria, Libya, Niger, Tchad, Egypt,
Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

– Some more country will
properly be scheduledto be connected to the line, in the final
project face – but cost for this is not included in calculations
based at this homepage.

News at homepage for the
project: http://www.Water-for-life.org

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Want to make the
difference, to make the living better for 10+ thousands of people,
and give our earth children a fair change, http://water-for-life.org
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hereby a verily good Christmas and a fruitfully New Year. Se you
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